TransFast money transfer service commenced operations in 1988 in New York and has since 2002, been enabling money transfers across the globe to their customers’ loved ones. Since 2014, TransFast has afforded opportunities to customers to send phone and online remittances to their loved ones. TransFast guarantees safe money transfer, complying with all international laws. The service guarantees peace of mind security because it delivers on its mandate of sending money safely. Receive your money in Dalasi from across the globe at any of our branches with Transfast


  • Send money online.
  • Convenience, speed, security and lower cost to customers
  • Cash collection available in any of our branches
  • Cash collections available at our dedicated branches nationwide during weekends and public holidays.


Requirements for Payments

Beneficiaries can collect funds at any FirstBank branch by providing the following:

  • PIN
  • Expected Amount
  • Acceptable means of identification (see Required Documents)
  • Sender’s name and address
  • Receiver’s name, address, and phone number.

Required Documents

  • International Passport
  • Driver’s License
  • Permanent Voters card
  • National Identity Card

1) What does the error “no matching order” as stated by the teller implies?

  • Wrong PIN
  • Stale transfer
  • Already paid transfer
  • Contact your Sender to investigate with Transfast Money Transfer.

2) Do I need to reveal my 13-digit PIN to the Operator?

  • Yes you do.

3) Why is the rate of conversion for transactions different from the interbank rate?

  • FirstBank does not determine the rate of conversion for the transactions. The rates are automated on the software and are not customized for manipulation by the Bank.

4) Why did the operator keep a copy of my form after refusing payment?

  • The operator keeps the original copy of the form as a proof that the customer visited the location and the transfer was not paid based on the reason(s) annotated on the form.
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