Loans and Mortgages

Our range of flexible loans and overdrafts will help you bring your plans to life.

Some needs are just too urgent to wait. Therefore, having quick access to funds for meeting urgent and important needs keeps you on top of your game. Personal Loan Against Salary takes the stress off you.

This is an overdraft facility given to retail customers to augment working capital needs. The customer is allowed to overdraw his account and interest is paid only on the drawn portion.

This facility is meant to provide funding support for customers to meet business and expansion needs. Its specific purpose is to fund capital projects.

This product is designed for individuals in paid employment to meet short-term needs. 

We provide short-term finance to business for the execution of supply orders from FirstBank approved principals.

This product is designed to provide funds to SMEs for contract execution.

This product provides a flexible repayment period for SMEs to meet short-term financial needs.

This product is designed to make funds available to private educational institutions to meet their financial needs and business growth/expansion.

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