Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

The Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is a self-service machine that dispenses cash and performs other functions like balance enquiry, bills payments, mini statements, air-time recharge and so on. ATM transactions are carried out through the use of a debit/credit card which enables you, as a card holder, access your account and carry out banking transactions without a teller.


  •  Cash Dispensing ATMs
    • Fund Transfer
      • Linked Account Transfer: Transfers between FirstBank Accounts (Current or savings) linked to same card
      • Inter Bank Transfer: Transfers from your FirstBank account to other banks’ accounts
      • Intra Bank Transfer: Transfers from your FirstBank account to other accounts within FirstBank
    • Account Balance Enquiry: This is for all Account (both savings and current) holders’ nationwide
    • Mini Statement: This feature allows a customer print the last eight transactions on own account
    • Cash Withdrawal: 24/7 access to cash as the customer can withdraw cash from own account at any FirstBank ATM at any time
    • PIN Change: It allows you to do a PIN change on FirstBank cards
    • Cardless Functionality: Transferred funds can be collected without the use of a card at any FirstBank ATM
    • Quick Teller Option
    • Airlines: Payment for Pre-booked Aero Air Tickets and others
    • Air Time Recharge: This feature enables customers to recharge mobile phones via the ATM and can be done in two ways;
      • Virtual Top Up: The customer gets phone credits topped up automatically by increasing the previous credit balance by the amount requested. 
    • Bill Payment: You can pay for utility bills like DSTV & HITV subscription fees and GSM Postpaid bills.


  • Cash Deposit ATMs
    In addition to the features above FirstBank cash deposit ATM also allows any Customer to deposit into FirstBank Account using the ATM. It is done in two ways;

    • Card based cash deposit: Initiated with a debit card and cardholders can only deposit into the account(S) linked to the debit card
    • Cardless cash deposit: Allows deposits into any FirstBank account without the use of a debit card.



  • Convenience of banking transaction
  • Quick service
  • 24-Hour Access to your funds. With our ATM wide coverage, Customers have easy access to their funds anywhere and anytime
  • Security: It provides security for funds since it is safer to carry cards than cash in wallets
  • Other Banks’ customers’ can use it
  • It has easy access to additional value added services like purchase of airtime for self and third party and utility bill settlement.
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