Secured Overdraft

The FirstBank Secured Overdraft is designed to help your business grow by providing you with an Overdraft to finance your working capital requirements


  • Maximum amount does not exceed 25% of shareholders’ funds
  • Maximum tenor of 12 months


  • Supports business growth and expansion
  • Bridges gap between customers’ working capital and receivables
  • Convenient repayment plan (structured in line with expected cash flow)
  • Gives unlimited access to funds under the limit requested
  • Competitive interest rates

Required Documentation

  • Application letter
  • Duly completed loan application form
  • Certificate of registration of business entity
  • Audited financials
  • Company’s financials
  • Other Banks’ statement of account of 12 months preceding application

Who Can Apply?

  • Businesses in need of funding

To apply for Secured Overdraft Loan,

  • Visit the nearest FirstBank Gambia branch

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