Local Purchase Order Financing

The FirstBank LPO Financing Facility product is designed to give your business the financial assistance it requires to make the next big move


  • Maximum tenor of 120 days with the option of 60 days renewal after the expiry of the facility
  • Up to 70% of the supply order given as loan
  • Irrevocable Tripartite domiciliation of agreement in respect of contract proceeds executed by beneficiary company, FirstBank and the employer company
  • The employing company must be on the FirstBank list of Principals


  • Opportunity for your company to accept new business from clients even when you do not have the operating capital on hand to fund the job
  • Gives access to working capital
  • Supports business growth and expansion
  • Gives companies an easy way to cover their operational costs

Required Documentation

  • Application letter.
  • Duly completed loan application form
  • Certificate of registration of business entity.
  • Original Purchase Order contract documents duly executed by respective parties from principal
  • Other Banks’ statement of account of 12 months preceding application

Who Can Apply?

  • Registered businesses that need funding to execute job orders

To apply for the Local Purchase Order Financing facility,

  • Visit the nearest FirstBank Gambia branch

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